Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, or sings in my case!


Throughout my faith journey, you have discovered that music and God’s promises through His Word have been vital connections for me to release my faith for the supernatural.  I had a God idea come to me while walking countless miles around Frankfort.  About two weeks before receiving the Recommended Order from my First Administrative Hearing (in late 2017),  I began rewriting the words to a very familiar song made popular by the classic Frank Sinatra and the King of Rock and roll, Elvis Presley, “I Did it My Way.” 

As my followers know, I have not done any of this my way, but God’s way.  I then sent my recording along with pictures (to help tell the story) to my webmaster, Ken English, in Daytona Beach, Florida.  At that time it wasn’t wise to release the video, but much has happened since then.

Since then I have had TWO unprecedented wins with TWO DIFFERENT Administrative Hearing Officers, and multiple rulings in my favor in Franklin County Circuit Court.  Finally, KYTC decided to settled this case to avoid a potential ADA trial and any subsequent rulings, fines, demands, or charges from the Court.  Therefore, I believe it is safe for me to share this testimony with fellow believers to encourage their faith in God’s promises.  After the production of this video and the releasing of my faith in song back in 2017, the Hearing Officer ruled that I should be licensed, yet I still had to walk another year and a half because the opposing party TOTALLY REJECTED the legal findings and opinions of this Hearing Officer. 

Don’t lose heart, because my promises were coming to pass.  Franklin County Circuit Court Judge, Thomas Wingate, ruled in my favor and granted an Injunctive Order to have my unconstitutional suspension “stayed,” thus allowing me to drive with an unrestricted Kentucky Driver’s License.  Again, I have continued to drive safely since October, 2018.

Please remember, doing it God’s way is really the ONLY way to total victory!  Hope you enjoy my faith in song.