How Can Pastors Use Transcripts by Cindy?

How Can Pastors Use Transcripts?

  •  To help create books.
  • To help create blogs on your website or for newsletters.
  • To keep a printable version of something that will last a lifetime, thus capturing your words of life for other generations.
  • They are keyword searchable. (No more accidentally telling the same story you just told 6 months ago.)
  • They can be archived and cataloged electronically.
  • They can be indexed by search engines. Search engines cannot index audio files.
  • They will be much smaller file sizes than mp3s.
  • They can be used for closed captioning of television broadcasts, web media, video-sharing sites, DVDs, and videos.

At Christian Transcription by Cindy, we are Bible literate and we speak your spiritual language—the Language of Truth

Having a solid Biblical foundation, you will find a team of Christians with over a half a century of biblical training.

For all of your Christian transcription needs, please call me. I would be happy to put together a package for you and your ministry to meet your vision for the Kingdom of God.

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