About Us

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The Vision

My love for the Word of God, my administrative gifts, and my experience allows me to help ministries reach their followers with their messages of hope, deliverance, and empowerment.

My experience enables me to ensure that the messages we deliver to you are accurate, efficiently done, and comprehensive for all to see and learn from.

Although all types of media are available, this document will serve to enhance any audio/video material you may post. By having transcripts of valuable Bible-based messages online, we are helping to increase the reader’s understanding for the “hope” we have in this world.

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path.”

“Your Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee.”

The Story

Christian Transcription by Cindy began in 2006 as a subsidiary of OPTT, Inc. The goal of Christian Transcription by Cindy was to help Christian-based audio producers convert their words to text for content on blogs, downloadable files for websites, and used for other social media, or for book publications. However, our services have grown over the years to encompass so many other services to help enhance your ministry outreach.

We’ve transcribed sermons, Bible studies, radio shows, Christian College awareness interviews, video presentations, Christian conference presentations, and Board meetings. This only scratches the surface of the services we offer.

For three years, I had the privilege of transcribing the Biblical messages, radio shows, and various conference teachings of Dr. Henry Brandt, a well-known Christian author and respected pioneer in modern-day Biblical Counseling. Dr. Brandt moved to Heaven on November 25th, 2008, but his messages are timeless and still touch lives today on his website–http://www.biblicalcounselingoutreach.com/about-henry-brandt-foundation/index.shtml.

During those years, I worked very closely with Helmut Teichert, Founder of the Henry Brandt Foundation who is also involved with Jesus Online Ministries, and formerly a media specialist with Bill Bright’s Campus Crusades for Christ.

I have worked with Kevin Seacat with Abiding Room Ministries in Arizona, Lease Christian publishing Company in Oklahoma, and Soter Global Ministries in Texas, Living on the Edge Ministries with Chip Ingram of Suwanee, Georgia, and Keith Cook, Evangelist, with On the Go Ministries in Springfield, Tennessee.

The Team

Angela and I have a combined half a century of administrative skills to offer my clients.  We also have nearly as many years combined as students of the Word of God, so we are well-qualified to assist with your projects.  It is our goal through what we do to accurately convey your messages in print so that the words of your message(s) come to life on paper, giving others hope!

I have been serving others with my administrative skills for over three decades, and have been a Born-Again Believer since 2002, which gives me an unquenchable love for the Word of God.  I richly enjoy promoting God’s truths in order that others can also experience the supernatural life of God.

Angela Fielder, Transcriptionist

Angela came straight out of Heaven via her husband, Wayne, who approached me while we worked in the same state office and asked if his wife could transcribe for me. She has been my most faithful and most knowledgeable transcriptionist to date, and a true pleasure to work with.

Ken English, Daytona Beach Video Marketing

Ken designed my original website following a Mark Hendricks Internet Marketing workshop in Florida in 2007.  Since then, we have worked together to enhance the site and drive traffic. Ken has a keen ability of sharing a story through video. He has produced more than 2000 videos that appear on dozens of Youtube channels.

It was at that same workshop that I found the purpose for my business, and I soon became Christian Transcription by Cindy in 2007 all thanks to my divine appointment with Helmut Teichert, Director of the Henry Brandt Foundation. 

Doug Anderson, Technology Support

Doug is a brother in the Lord, and a computer expert.  When I face computer issues, I turn to Doug.  He has been a tremendous support over the years. He was instrumental in the production of my Virtual Open House video ten years ago.  Doug is a ready source of technical advice when needed, and always has the answer, or knows where to find it.

The Purpose Behind the Ministry of Christian Transcription by Cindy…

It’s my goal to help you help others so they can get the most out of their Christian walk through your transcription project(s).

Your document(s) will enable you to spread your spoken word digitally, via blog, e-book, and website.  Those messages, in turn, will enlighten the reader to the truths of God’s Word, His promises, and His destiny for them.

I can help you setup an internet radio program (podcast), produce video, or use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to help you reach your ministry needs.

Whether it’s Biblical transcription or work as a Christian Virtual Assistant handling other aspects of church management, Christian Transcription by Cindy is here to serve you.

Please contact me to discuss your ministry needs at cindyseipva@gmail.com or (502) 320-4454.

I look forward to discussing your ministry needs and how we can serve you best.

In His Righteousness,

Cindy Seip, Founder and Lead Transcriptionist

Christian Transcription by Cindy

(502) 320-4454