Biblical and Christian Transcription Services Q & A

Why should I choose Christian Transcription by Cindy to have my messages transcribed?

Our mission at Christian Transcription by Cindy is to help advance the kingdom of God by creating an accurate, polished, professional, and useful transcript of every spoken word from your audio platform(s) (MP3, MP4, CD, DVD, WAV, YouTube, etc.), that will impact the lives of millions for generations to come

My team and I have nearly fifty years of combined administrative experience that promises a quality product delivered to your email address only after I have reviewed my team’s work.  We have served some very large, well-established, long-standing ministries who were pleased with our services, and became repeat customers.  Here are just a few: 

  • Dr. Henry T. Brandt Foundation, Montana
  • Helmut Teichert, Jesus Online Ministries, Montana
  • Chip Ingram–Living on the Edge Ministries, Georgia
  • Keith Cook—On the Go Ministries, Tennessee

We have been working with a mega ministry in the United States for the last five years, but our work must remain confidential.  However, my team and I continue to use our talents for them to reach the multitudes and advance the kingdom of God, regularly.

My team is comprised of not only qualified transcriptionists and proofers, but also Bible-believing Christians who esteem the Word of God as the infallible truths.  Because of our love and respect for the Word of God and its underlying spiritual messages, my team is well-equipped to transcribe your messages.  Most importantly, I do not and will not, outsource overseas.  The United States was founded on the principles of the Word of God, so I believe that American-born team members are a win-win for everyone.  We use one holy book, and it’s the Bible. 

How Does Mariam-Webster Define Sermon?

A speech about a moral or religious subject that is usually given by a religious leader; a serious talk about how someone should behave, typically delivered by a clergyman in a place of worship (usually a church).  Preachers, pastors, teachers, authors, and evangelists have all utilized the services of Christian Transcription by Cindy to transcribe their sermons because they had confidence in our track record.  They also knew that before the transcript left my hands, it would have been print-ready, Internet ready, and an accurate representation of their message.

My Team Is Well-versed in Christian and Biblical terminology.

At Christian Transcription by Cindy, I have team members who are students of the Word of God and who come from different Christian backgrounds.  My team consists of Pentecostal (Word of Faith) and Baptist.  This gives us a very unique perspective for what we do, but we all love the Word of God and helping to advance the work of Christ in the earth.  We are living in the last days, and the Bible says that when Christ comes, He’s coming back for a glorious Church, a Bride without spot or wrinkle.  We, the Church, can’t be glorious without being equipped with the Word of God.  That’s what Christian Transcription by Cindy is here to do–help you reach the multitudes with your bible-based messages and equip the saints.

How Can I Use My Sermon Transcript? 

Once you have the professionally-prepared transcript from your message, whether it’s a sermon, an evangelistic outreach, a Bible study, or a Biblical counseling session, the possibilities are endless.  Here are just a few ideas:

  • Create New Revenue for Your Church with EBooks
  • Prepare promotional materials for mass distribution
  • Upload your transcripts onto your website so that your visitors can download the message as a Christian resource.
  • Clean up the audio or video presentation for your audiences.  My team and I are trained to capture ALL noises, utterances, and indicate those so that the audio and video editors of your ministry can go back through the recording and clean up the presentation for the benefit of the listener.  We understand the importance of making sure your recording is the length it needs to be for TV or radio, because your ministry pays a fee to spread the Gospel.  We’re here to help. 

First, send us your sermons, your spiritual interviews, your conference calls, and transcription work, so we can get to work preserving your legacy for generations to come. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is Essential in the Twenty-first Century.

Types of Transcripts Prepared by Christian Transcription by Cindy

We can transcribe anything you say that is recorded.  We can create a transcript from virtually any audio format.  Realistically, the audios saved with newer technology, the sooner the turn-around time, because of the time spent converting your audio file to a usable MP3 format.  Once your sermon is transcribed and uploaded onto your website, Google can now locate you and your ministry when people search for keywords that are in the transcript of your message, or in your ministry name.  Google categorizes your information once posted, and then the search engines pick it up and ranks you.  Your church will rank higher in a Google search when keywords used are connected to your site.  With higher rankings come more visitors, and with more visitors, more opportunity to reach the lost with your messages of hope in Christ Jesus. 

  • Full-length Sunday morning messages
  • Evangelistic outreaches reaching the lost for Jesus Christ
  • Ministry and Missionary Interviews to promote your outreaches
  • Radio broadcasts of sermons and Christian outreaches
  • Church Board Meetings.

How Will I Know Which Transcription Service to Contact?

The Scripture says in James 1:5 “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.”  God promises in His Word to give you the wisdom you need to make right choices.  First and foremost–pray for direction.  After you have peace in your heart, you’ll have a “knowing” about the right transcription service to contact.  The role of that transcriptionist is to accurately and efficiently preserve your life-changing, Biblically-based, messages so the hearts of the multitudes can be touched.  It’s my hope that the Lord would lead you to Christian Transcription by Cindy because of our extensive experience we’ve acquired after serving some of the most respected ministries around, and our love for Christ and His Word. 

Unfortunately, Great Sermons Can Be Forgotten If They Aren’t Transcribed.

What a tremendous gift you can give others by having your sermons, Bible studies, Biblical counseling session, or evangelistic outreach transcribed.  By doing that, it allows you to reach beyond your own four walls, and it allows another avenue in which your listeners, viewers, or members can retain the information you presented in your sermon.  The Bible tells us to “Go ye into all the world preaching the Gospel.  With the invention of the World Wide Web, we are now about to do that.  Technology is a powerful tool, when used appropriately.  We at Christian Transcription by Cindy would enjoy teaming up with your ministry to help advance the kingdom of God, and reach the millions searching the Internet for answers about the Bible, about Christ, about the Holy Spirit, and about life

How Do I Transfer My Audio Files To Christian Transcription By Cindy?

You can make your audio files available off your church website as an MP3 file or we can transfer your files from an FTP site from your server. We can utilize DropBox, or sharing files through GoogleDrive.  In any case, we can complete the Christian transcription assignment by the time specified by our clients.  A typical transcript can be completed and in your email box in 24 hours or less, but we have one client who requires that the audio file be transcribed within eight-ten hours.  My team is here to meet your needs, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Your partner for reaching the lost worldwide.

Cindy Seip

Founder, Lead Transcriptionist, Editor, and Document Pro