A Faith Journey of a Lifetime! Please come join my journey…..

My miraculous journey started in September, 2015 and continues.  To learn more about this miraculous journey, please read here.  In order for you to fully understand why I’ve stood for this many years and continue to stand until it’s completely finished, it’s important for you to know how vitally important my integrity is to me.  What I would like to do is share with my readers how I have used my faith throughout this tremendous faith challenge to see God-like results.  My pastor has always said:  “Integrity always wins, it just takes time.” (Dr. Philip D. Derber, Sr. Pastor of Faith Victory World Distribution Center).  I would also like to encourage you to stay with me on this journey of a lifetime to see how God moves in mighty ways for those who love Him.

James tells us that faith without works, or corresponding action, is dead.  It was extremely important for me to “stay in motion” with my faith throughout the last four years, and you will soon discover how God honored my actions of faith.  God’s Word is very much alive, it’s quick, it’s powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword!   So let’s start the journey….