A Faith Journey of a Lifetime! Please come join my journey…..

My miraculous journey started in September, 2015 and continues.  To learn more about this miraculous journey, please read here.  In order for you to fully understand why I’ve stood for this many years and continue to stand until it’s completely finished, it’s important for you to know how vitally important my integrity is to me.  What I would like to do is share with my readers how I have used my faith throughout this tremendous faith challenge to see God-like results.  My pastor has always said:  “Integrity always wins, it just takes time.” (Dr. Philip D. Derber, Sr. Pastor of Faith Victory World Distribution Center).  I would also like to encourage you to stay with me on this journey of a lifetime to see how God moves in mighty ways for those who love Him.

James tells us that faith without works, or corresponding action, is dead.  It was extremely important for me to “stay in motion” with my faith throughout the last four years, and you will soon discover how God honored my actions of faith.  God’s Word is very much alive, it’s quick, it’s powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword!   So let’s start the journey….


Where the Journey Began

As a born-again believer, I knew I was a king and a priest, and Ecclesiastes says that when a king speaks the Word, there is power.  My Pastor had just preached a message on the “power to command,” so I was empowered to use by God-given authority to command this unwanted situation out of my life.  As the official proceedings for a review began, I sought for a specific Word from God  that I could stand on for the duration of the situation.

I had prayed over my situation and then opened my Bible expecting to hear from heaven.  When I looked down, I was in the book of Ezekiel.  This is not   a book I typically would go to, but as  I was looking at the page I had opened to, the Scripture passage that leaped out at me was Ezekiel 21:27.  That one Scripture has fueled my faith, kept me encouraged, and kept my focus throughout the entire four-year journey.  But as you’ll see if you stay with me throughout the journey, there were many more Words given to me either through God’s Word, by way of prophecy, or in a devotional.  When God wants to get a message to you, He’ll find a way!

27 “I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he/she come whose right it is; and I will give it him/her.” (Ezekiel 21:27 KJV).  That verse of Scripture became my daily confession and I still thank Him for overturning it to this day.  That’s exactly what God did on August 17, 2018, and then again on September 18, 2018.  Understanding my “authority” as a believer to command unwanted things out of my life was first.  Then getting my “Word” from Heaven and acting on that Word were my most important actions of faith.  Then by believing and speaking out “my Word,” I knew God was working on my behalf and nothing could stop me–I was in perpetual motion.  The heart of faith speaks, which is also an action!  Remember, faith without corresponding action (works) is dead.  My faith was and is alive.


God Said it, I Believed it, and I Still Confess it Daily–Faith in Motion


Remembering the Promise of Ezekiel 21:27 was a daily event, as I put action (corresponding action) with my faith.  I was fully persuaded that when I opened my Bible that day early on in my faith challenge, that it was God speaking to me.  I claimed it in the realm of the spirit, believed it in my heart, and I acted accordingly.  When God speaks, you’ll remember nearly every aspect of the encounter.

As I shared in an earlier post, I had prayed for a specific Word from God for the challenge I was facing, and when I sat down and opened up my Bible I was in a book of the Bible I don’t normally go to.  Ezekiel is in the Old Testament, and I usually spent time in the Psalms and in Proverbs, but rarely Ezekiel.  While there, Ezekiel 21:27 seemed to leap off of the page, and I knew it was highlighted to me for a reason.  I wrote it down, dated it in my Bible, typed it, and then confessed it for well over two years.  To help with the process of remembering the promise, I used music on a daily basis.

Early on in the faith challenge, we had a visiting minister who had a music ministry, Terry Matthews, and I will share several of his songs throughout the journey.  Many days I would pull up this song and have it play continuously to fill my home with my personal promise, and with hope.  It was the last thing I heard in the morning before going to work, and the first thing I would hear when I got home.  It was easy to believe the lyrics to the song since that’s exactly what God said He was going to do, and He wasn’t going to let me down.

Over three years later, this song still ministers to me.  Because of that, it plays in my home quite often because I know, without a doubt, that…”God is Gonna Turn Some Things Around.”  I hope you enjoy Terry Matthews and his ministry.


Staying in motion was and IS vital, regardless of the “size” of the forward motion!

As an action of faith very early on in the faith journey, I purchased these three things that served as a daily reminder of God’s promise and of His faithfulness to that promise.  The first was the crown-shaped key ring.  My car keys which remained unused for over two years are attached to the key ring.  One day while in a local store, the key ring caught my attention, especially since my Pastor had just preached a message on us being kings and priests, so I recognized God in the encounter.

Then when looking for a birthday greeting card for a family member, this card jumped out at me in a different section, and I knew it was the Holy Spirit guiding me– which is His job.  Inside of the card it reads:  Congratulations on your driver’s license, and I signed it……GOD Ezekiel 21:27.  It’s important to note that at this point in time, there was still no evidence of a Driver’s License, but I had faith for the journey.  Long before there was any evidence of a Driver’s License, I also designed a custom frame to glorify God when He fulfilled His promise to me.  Now, two of those three things sit on my kitchen counter as a reminder of God’s faithfulness.  The customized license frame is now attached to my debt-free car which was given to me as a gift that sat parked in front of my home for over two years.  So in your faith challenge, stand firm knowing that if God be for you, WHO can (possibly) be against you?

I was fully persuaded of God’s faithfulness; therefore I stood confident, unmovable, and totally unshaken by any and all opposition.  There is so much more to share, so please stay with me on my journey of a lifetime!  Cindy